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Areas of expertise
  Our Expertise
  Our Employment team acts as advisory counsel for all employment issues as well as trial counsel in individual and collective labour disputes, whereby it has recourse not only to judicial proceedings and out-of-court settlements but also to alternative methods of dispute resolution. It was set up towards the beginning of the era that saw the transformation of French statutory labour law over thirty years, and evolved accordingly. As a result, our lawyers are not just up-to-date on all matters of labour law, they are also very much aware of the principles behind today’s employment issues, which are the key to understanding evolutions past, present, and future.

Our lawyers’ hands-on approach and their capacity to combine their legal skills with a reflection honed by years of experience as well as an acute awareness of the economic stakes involved makes for the premium quality of the services we have to offer. The team’s main area of activity is in helping employers gauge their personnel needs and define their strategic choices (be it for human resources management, collective relations, or a reorganisation) and organizing training sessions and audits – and always with that greatly appreciated pedagogical approach that facilitates (especially foreign) clients’ understanding of the specificities of French labour law.

Nowadays, the team is more specifically involved in helping the labour world adapt to the New Information and Communication Technologies (NICT) as well as to the ever-heavier compliance requirements. The fact that the law firm boasts an international clientele has also led the Employment team to develop a special expertise in the field of international mobility.

The team’s lawyers work in French, English, and German. Involved at all stages of the case, the partners remain in operational control and are responsible for strategic decision-making.
  What We Do
  • We draw up employment contracts and any special clauses required (non-compete, job security, optimization of severance situations, mobility, variable remuneration, working time, delegation, etc.).
• We implement regulations relating to working time and draw up the related company-level collective agreements.
• We follow up on relations with elected staff representatives: we prepare meetings, assist with collective negotiations, draw up company-level collective agreements, follow up on proceedings against managers, take care of elections-related litigation.
• We conduct strike-related litigation and negotiations.
• We monitor the impact of new technologies on individual and collective relations: cyber-surveillance, biometrics, geo-localisation, intranet, electronic voting, relations with the commission set up by the French Data Protection Act (CNIL).
• We follow up on the relationship between labour law and IP (employee inventions etc.).
• We organize the expatriation/impatriation of employees, set up outsourcing and offshore solutions.
• We set up compulsory and voluntary profit-sharing plans and company savings schemes.
• We provide advice and assistance in matters of disciplinary law, draw up rules of procedure, implement disciplinary procedures.
• We provide advice and assistance in discrimination and harassment cases.
• We implement individual and mass dismissal procedures: termination agreements, settlement agreements (including the tax and social security treatment of compensation), severance plans (PSE), special procedures for protected employees, special litigation before the civil courts.
• We provide advice and assistance in litigation against the French agency charged with collecting social security contributions (URSSAF).
• We follow up on the consequences of accidents at work (delegation, criminal and social security litigation).
  • Implementation of reorganisation plans for several major industrial groups (managing the preparation of the dossier, drawing up memorandums and the severance plans, designing accompanying measures and voluntary retirement/resignation schemes)

• Review of the organisation of working time in order to adapt it to the frequent legislative changes in the field

• Auditing of individual and collective labour relations: assessment, risk identification, and optimization and adaptation proposals

• Assistance with negotiations for the recruitment or dismissal/retirement/resignation of employees, especially managers and managerial employees (resolution of any cases of double employee/officer status)

• Setting-up of expatriation schemes

• Representation before the labour courts (first instance and appeal) and any other jurisdictions in matters of employment regulations and social security

• Regular participation in management round tables on human resources management strategies, the international reorganisation of the HR position, job and career management, compliance and legal certainty as regards employment relationships
  The Team
Christian Connor, partner
Valérie Tromas, partner

Charlotte Arbogast, associate
Rydian Dieyi, junior associate
Marine Gardic, associate

  Christian Connor, lawyer, partner
Assistant: Petra Houbre
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