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Areas of expertise
  Industrial Risk and Liability / Insurance  
  Our Expertise
  The Industrial Risk and Liability / Insurance team includes those of our litigation lawyers who specialize in the very specific field of industrial risk.

Ensuring that the best interests of clients are taken into consideration during both judicial expert appraisals and court hearings requires a twofold approach: on the one hand, understanding the technical aspects of cases, including the industrial processes involved, and on the other hand, determining and studying the legal framework (liability, contract, construction, insurance, etc.) and technical standards (including those transposed from European directives) applicable to claims.

Thanks to this twofold approach and the legal and technical skills it helps develop, our lawyers are also able to identify potential risks well before any conflict arises and to counsel clients accordingly, especially by helping them to draw up contracts for the supply, assembly, maintenance, and operation of industrial equipment and complexes.

The team’s lawyers work in French, English, and German, and their clients include French and foreign industrial groups and their insurers. Strategies, especially procedural, are evolved by the partners, who remain involved at all stages and follow the daily conduct of each case in close coordination with the clients.

The team also includes insurance law experts, so that it is able to assess the exposure accurately and consequently determine what insurance coverage is required. Furthermore, our lawyers have a solid knowledge of construction and insurance law and are perfectly familiar with the private international law mechanisms (conflict of law and conflict of jurisdiction rules) used in international disputes.
  What We Do
  • We analyze contracts and develop legal and procedural strategies.

• We analyze insurance policies (liability and indemnity insurance, construction insurance, etc.).

• We assist clients throughout all expert appraisal proceedings (liaising between the technicians and lawyers of client companies and the judicial experts, optimizing the presentation of technical arguments), we draw up statements to the experts.

• We conduct negotiations during or following expert appraisals.

• We represent companies before the civil, commercial, administrative, and arbitration courts.

• We represent company managers and/or their authorized representatives before the criminal courts.

• We conduct proceedings before the courts in charge of social security matters (TASS) in matters of the employer's inexcusable fault.

  • Litigation on behalf of a big German steel group (designer and manufacturer of high-pressure hot-water transportation networks) following disorders affecting high-pressure hot-water transportation facilities linked to household waste incinerators

• Litigation arising from cogeneration facilities malfunctions

• Litigation involving the butyl rubber produced by an important German chemist group used in the manufacture of window tape for woodworks (almost 150 cases before the civil courts)

• Litigation on behalf of German chemist companies relating to the production of polyurethane foam used in the manufacture of insulation sandwich boards and the injection of ABS plastics

• Litigation on behalf of the Finnish insurer of a motor manufacturer relating to motor malfunctions on cruise boats resulting in widespread damage of various origins

• Litigation on behalf of (notably German and Japanese) electronics corporations following disorders caused by fire detection installations, air bag system components, measuring equipment, electronics components, equipment in public and private hospitals (optical lasers, radiology, and medical imaging)
  The Team
Christian Connor, partner
Alexandre Gruber, partner

Mathilde Fiers, associate
Nicolas Joumier, senior associate

  Guy Martinet, lawyer, partner
Assistant: Valentine Rosinovsky
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