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Areas of expertise
  International Arbitration  
  Our Expertise
  Over the past few years, our International Arbitration team has developed a recognized expertise in the field of both national and international, independent and institutional arbitration, conducting proceedings chiefly on behalf of French and foreign companies.

Fully knowledgeable in the domestic and international rules applicable to international arbitration, our lawyers counsel clients before and throughout the arbitration proceedings, drawing up arbitration clauses, negotiating terms of reference, enforcing awards against assets located both in France and abroad. Furthermore, thanks to a perfect grasp of private international law mechanisms (conflict of law and conflict of jurisdiction rules), we are able to offer a global service and, in close coordination with our clients, to evolve parallel judicial strategies in complex international litigation cases.

We conduct arbitration proceedings before the major national and international arbitration bodies, such as the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), the French Arbitration Association (AFA), the Paris Centre for Mediation and Arbitration (CMAP), the arbitration centre of the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, etc.

Furthermore, the team benefits from the experience of several of the law firm’s partners who regularly serve on arbitration boards.
  What We Do
  • We draw up, negotiate, and validate arbitration clauses and post-dispute arbitration agreements, we validate the choice of arbitration rules or the procedural rules stipulated in arbitration agreements.
• We organize the implementation of arbitration clauses, we check how they combine with contractual mediation and conciliation clauses, we help choose and implement pre-litigation strategies.
• We control the appointment and independence of arbitrators.
• We initiate prior or parallel judicial proceedings to secure protective or investigative measures (seizures, expert appraisals, recording of evidence by a bailiff), we help with the appointment of arbitration tribunals.
• We determine and implement general litigation strategies in multiparty or complex arbitration cases after consulting with foreign lawyers.
• We secure evidence at civil or common law.
• We prepare and draw up documents (petitions, briefs, exhibits) in French, English, German, Spanish, and produce them for arbitration proceedings, oral arguments hearings, expert appraisals, and witness hearings.
• We conduct proceedings to have awards set aside in France and abroad as well as other defence proceedings.
• We enforce awards in France and abroad.
  Before the ICC
- Counsel to a French maintenance company in the aeronautical sector against a Portuguese company following the sudden termination of a service contract
- Counsel to a Bulgarian toll manufacturer against an Italian sports shoes distributor in a case relating to the performance of a toll manufacturing and barter contract
- Counsel to an American company against a French leader in the chemicals sector following the breach of a letter of intent
- Counsel to a German insurance company in a case relating to the amount of commissions owed to its French general agent

Before the ICSID
- Enforcement of an ICSID arbitration award in favour of a Belgian company providing maintenance services for aircraft chartered by an African state

Before the AFA (French Arbitration Association)
- Counsel to an English/Swedish pharmaceutical group for the termination of a pharmaceutical co-marketing contract

Before the FCC (Federation of Cocoa Commerce)
- Counsel to a Swiss company against a Dutch company for the termination of a cocoa supply contract

Before the CAMP (Paris Maritime Arbitration Chamber)
- Counsel to a French charterer against an Italian carrier

Independent arbitration proceedings
- Counsel to various purchasers availing themselves of warranties against claims
- Counsel to a French regional drinks distributor against another regional distributor in a case relating to the performance of a shareholders’ agreement
- Counsel to a commercial agent against his principal concerning the promotion of milk products for children in Africa
  The Team
Christian Connor, partner
Christophe Héry, partner

Nicolas Joumier, senior associate

  Christian Connor, lawyer, partner
Assistant: Petra Houbre
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