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Areas of expertise
  Real Estate - Commercial Property  
  Our Expertise
  A leader in the field, our “Commercial Property” team provides assistance on all legal issues, advising clients on their business transactions, representing them in judicial or arbitral proceedings, and conducting settlement negotiations.

Our lawyers help investors, private and institutional lessors, and national and international retailers with their development strategies, with their investments and partnerships, and with the execution and performance of leases and all related agreements.

In addition to being thoroughly knowledgeable in commercial property law, the team’s lawyers are skilled civil and commercial procedure specialists, able to identify in each case the best way to proceed in order to meet the client’s targets. Furthermore, the team has developed a focus on retail and the exploitation of shopping centres.

Each case is assigned to a partner who can be reached by the client directly. Where necessary, the team calls on the expertise of the law firm's other specialists, especially on tax, bankruptcy, and construction issues.

  What We Do
  We advise clients on commercial property transactions:
• We help them to design financing schemes, structure investments and partnerships, set up companies, and draw up shareholders' agreements etc.

We provide support to clients entering into leases and other related agreements:
• We draw up, negotiate, and formalize contracts and their legal and economic clauses.
• We provide information and advice in light of the latest statutory and case law evolution.
• We prepare the required technical dossiers.
• We conduct commercial property audits.

We assist clients with lease-related issues and litigation:
• We help them carry out their lease-related transactions (business transfers, lease assignments, share purchases, other complex operations).
• We assist them with the performance of their leases and other related agreements in case of bankruptcy.
• We deal with rent updating/indexing/revising procedures.
• We assist and represent clients in all lease-related proceedings (general duties of the lessor, works-related provisions, lease renewal and termination).
• We conduct litigation before the commercial property judge and/or the French Departmental Conciliation Committee in case of a dispute over rent following the renewal of the lease.
• We assist and represent clients in compensation proceedings following termination.
• We implement collection procedures (formal notices, enforcement of resolutory clauses).
• We enforce our clients' rights (attachment and sale of property, contractual or judicial pledge of a business, execution of guarantees).
• We help creditors (lessors or lessees) collect from their bankrupt debtors.

  • Drawing-up and negotiation of commercial leases – in the mass retail sector in particular (shopping centre and town centre leases) – for numerous private and institutional lessors

• Counsel to major national and international brands on commercial property management issues

• Numerous litigation cases relating to the performance and termination of commercial leases

• Numerous litigation cases relating to lease renewals (termination and rent disputes)

• Counsel to a leading institutional lessor for its day-to-day business
  The Team
Arnaud Bourdon, partner
Emmanuel Fleury, partner

Delphine Rodrigue-Moriconi, associate

  Arnaud Bourdon, lawyer, partner
Company law Assistant : Edith Vieillerobe
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